Water vs Paracetamol

Water versus Paracetamol?

My grandfather died from a lung problem. Although he was a regular smoker, he also had a weak lungs. Unluckily, I inherited my granpa’s weakness, a vulnerable respiratory system.

I couldn’t count on my fingers how many times i was hospitalized because of Respiratory Track Infection. And everytime I was confined at the hospital or diagnosed with RTI, I am bombarded with lots of medicines. Paracetamol was never out in my list of drugs since along with my RTI was always a fever. In short, my body was so full of Paracetamol and other RTI related meds.

Until one day, I read from a bulletin posted by my office mate about water therapy and its benefits. I found out that there are various illnesses and diseases you can treat by only drinking water. And one of these was my chronic problem, cough and colds. When I first read about it, i couldn’t believe since it was too good to be true. I couldn’t imagine a free and very accessible medicine for URTI-water.

Until soon enough, i had flu and eventually had a slight fever. I then gambled in drinking water instead of taking medicine. As soon as I stood on my feet the next day, I drank 1.5 liters of water and drank more as much as i could. I never stopped drinking water the whole day. Its like I want to drown myself from water. I thought then that if other people can bear drinking cases of Liquors/beers, why can’t I drink cases of water? Much more if it can make my body feel better or heal me from any sickness? And so I ended the day with only water running my whole body. I continued until before I slept. The only thing i hated when I was doing this was, I was also a chronic visitor of the comfort room. 🙂 but the following day? I swear, God knows, had no fever and I really felt better. I was really amazed. I dunno if that was a coincident but just a week ago, i had again a flu and slight fever. And all i did was just drink plenty and plenty and plenty and pleeeenty of water. Although i bought Paracetamol and few Carbocisteine capsules, i did not bother taking it. Still, I got healed.

Water is I guess a very powerful medicine we should all take advantage of. Its not that I am setting aside medicines( i still believe in them), but if we can heal our illnesses by natural resources/process, why not take it? And besides its for free!

By the way, if you want to read more on water and its benefits, click here

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