Waking up early VERSUS Waking up late

I’m a sore sleeper. The more time I lay on my bed, the happier I am. (Well, I hope i am not alone with this habit) When I was still a child, my mother and father oftentimes had to shout at me (with my bro and sis) just to let me or us stand at our feet and wake-up. But oftentimes, a shout is not just good enough. So, there I am, daydreaming and trying to catch a sleep again and again and again. Thus oftentimes also, I woke up shocked with my mom or dad already beside me with “pamalo”(whip) to serve my unpleasant breakfast meal.

I could still recall the time when my mom threatened to pour water on me if I dont wake up, yet i just grabbed a pillow and covered my ears and savour my time in bed, as if i dont hear anything. And true enough, my mother brought a dipper full of water. Fortunately, I was able to jump on my feet and run direct to the comfort room and take my bath! (Good thing, i often watch Jackie Chan movies and that helped me with the escape and evasion 🙂

A father of one daughter, sometimes I still struggle to wake up early. Why? I’m a comfort-oriented man and lying in bed just makes me feel relaxed. The picture of just embracing a pillow and minding no time envies me. I sometimes sleep even til 12 noon because back in my mind, i always think that I need to cope with the many latenight works and movie marathons i do.

However, I always strive to wake up before sunrise. “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man wise.” Thats how i always remind myself everytime i struggle on waking up before the sun does. Why do i force myself to wake up early? First, I feel active. My body seemed to be 100% fully awake and 100% ready to take any task everytime I’m up early. Second, I feel rejuvinated. The morning breeze brought maybe by the plants that surround me refreshed my mind and my nerves. Its a morning theraphy. Third, I could prepare early for work thus getting rid being rushed, which really irrates me and my wife often, and i get rid of the ever time consuming and totally annoying TRAFFIC. Lastly, i fight to wake up early because i get to eat my breakfast on time. Breakfast is the most important meal but if i wake up late, i skip breakfast (bad cheetah!)

So even if its against my will, i wake up early.

” I am a believer in punctuality though it makes me very lonely” – E.V. Verrall

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