Obama vs McCain

Barack Hussein Obama vs John Sidney McCain? 

I have heard from many that Obama is likely to win the elections than McCain. Is it true? If I were an american voter, I’ll go for Obama! We are of same color hehehe just kidin! 🙂

Actually, I had a previous post about OBAMA vs McCAIN, yet I thought of posting another one to inform you and hopefully many about an information I heard which caught my attention.

I have a friend who is closely  working with an American Soldier. I would just name my friend as “binoy” and his American friend “Joe.” Binoy, in one of our regular meeting, mentioned about the upcoming US elections.  He said that most of the ads and even news infered that Obama will win for Presidential elections. I definitely agreed with him. He spoke out his views and side about the elections, the whys and hows. What stunned me was when he told me about an assassination plot about Obama. He said that Joe told him, in one of their drinking spree, that should Obama win the elections, an assassination plot will be raised for Obama. Joe even told him that it’s already planned. Binoy asked why? Joe explained that most Americans still don’t like “blacks” much more would they want a president. I was actually doubtful because all I know racial discrimination in America has long been gone. Yet Binoy further continued that he also gave same comment to Joe but Joe insisted that its true,color discrimination is still existing in American land. (Is this really true?) Joe said that the a special operations team from american military was already in place to execute the plans. Well, its just so hard believe on “hearsays” but should this be true…i hope it remained a hearsay. 

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