I live in the Philippines, a country where market of PC is incomparable to MACintosh OS computers or MAC for short. To prove my point, I, in my whole life, have not seen a single Internet Cafe that uses MAC computers. However, PC users flood to almost every corner in our land. (Although I “heard” there are already installations that use MAC comps LATELY)

I don’t have YET a MAC computer. I may not be credible as of the moment to say MAC is better , but still I would highly recommend those who have plans to purchase laptop or desktops, choose MAC! Why? I have searched from the internet and discovered so many advantages in using MAC. But among all the advantages, the best thing I would like to have is its VIRUS free environment.

Virus has been a big hustle to me and for sure to all of you. It has also been the source of many disappointments to all my officemates more especially those who usually cram on deadlines. It also has eaten much of my time like the regular scanning, updating and sometimes reinstalling my system if viruses penetrated the brain of my computer. It is one of the major things I wished could have not existed. And that is reason why MAC smells good to me.

Just this morning, I attended a meeting and one of the presenter was not able to show his slides because he cannot see any document files in his flashdisk. After a scan, several viruses were detected and the anti-virus could not delete some of it. Thus, the meeting turned into a 30-minute waiting conference. Coincidentally, a member of the group has a MAC notebook. The disk was inserted in the USB port using the MAC and wholaaaa, there were 8 suspected viruses such as autorun, recycler, and so on. The viruses where deleted and the flashdisk again was slotted to the PC’s USB port. And amazingly, his document files showed up.

I mentioned that I don’t own a MAC yet, but as soon as I will have enough savings to buy one, I surely will never regret a VIRUS-FREE environment. I just wont get rid of the numerous viruses but also, I can save time and money from regular scans, updates and purchase of Anti-viruses, which are most of the time, overran by newer viruses.

So, MAC versus PC? MAC WINS!

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  2. Comment by Mj — January 1, 2011 @ 2:09 pm

    One is that the proprietary nature of Apple products makes their security technology less available to hackers. Another is that as Apple only has about 10% of the market, hackers generally don’t want to waste their time developing viruses that would only impact a small portion of the computer industry.The market share of Windows-based PCs are 90% whereas MacOS-based PCs (Macs are PCs!) is only a tiny 10% so there will be less hackers that use mac (less viruses).A mac can be prone also to viruses!!(but only few bcz of its small market share, so some mac users install antivirus for it). If the market share is reversed, Windows is less vulnerable and Macs are prone to virus. So that’s why macs are less prone to virus. That’s it.. Do you know that A MAC NEEDS WINDOWS.. It has a feature called BootCamp that allows programs (like games) incompatible to macs to run on it..:))

  3. Comment by DeirdreFinley25 — January 18, 2011 @ 11:13 am

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