LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics

Im an avid fan of Los Angeles Lakers since time of Magic Johnson. That was the same time when Lakers contend with its favorite all time “favorite” rival Boston Celtics. Now comes again another chance of proving who’s the better team. Could it be the Lakers this time or Boston Celtics? Does Phil Jacksons strategy or presence of Pau Gasol and agility of Kobe Brynant beat the power of Kevin Garnet and the tremendous performances of Paul Pierce and Rey Allen? Who could win it this time?

Before the Semi-finals started, i thought LA could make a sweep win over the Celtics. But as i heard the news early this morning that LA was beaten by the C’s in the 2nd game, i simply could not believe it. Kobe could have been injured, i contend 🙂

I watched a replay of the 2nd game later this day and saw the whole game. WHOA? I think i underestimated Boston! They have very good players! Not one in a time they had an inefficient pro in that court!

Yet, “it aint over till its over” they say. Who could really win this game? excited to watch the Game 3 on the next day to follow.


My LA team won. BUt even if they won the game, their teamwork wasn’t that commendable. It seemed they lack something,

Game 4

I have only watched the first half and LA LAkers had tremendous performance. Odom was in charge on the first quarter, and everybody in the team was fabolous. “This is a sure win”, I thought. Unfortunately, my brother in law informed me that LA lost 97-91. I dont know what went wrong, everything was great on the 1st and 2nd quarter. I’ll have to find out.

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  1. Comment by john — June 21, 2008 @ 5:44 am

    Boston Rules! They just didn’t grab the championship, they set a new nba record. This will be start of series of Championships for the C’s

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