Drypers vs EQ diapers

When my first daughter came about 2 years ago, i used HUGGIES diapers because i was fully attracted with their TV commercials and ads; cute babies and a brand name indeed suited for babies, HUGGIES or “HUGS.” Ignorant about diapers(since twas my first time), I was well satisfied with huggies, even if I had wished it could held much baby’s pees. Few months later, I tried a different brand, a cheaper one, EQ diaper. I was more satisfied with it than HUggies because I noticed it held much more liquids. My only problem with EQ then was sometimes, the end of the belts(scotch-tape-like belts) hurt my daughter since it was a bit pointed. But anyway, my eldest daughter used it for almost a year until our local store ran out of EQ diapers and so i was force to buy another brand, DRYPERS.

 I was so delighted by how Drypers handle its tasks. Before, my daughter used 2 EQ diapers overnight to stay dry, but with DYRPERS, she only used one diaper overnight, not to mention the fact that everytime i slid my finger inside drypers, my finger doesn’t wet at all. I then remember a mother who told me about her sons experiment in school. She said her son tried to pour same amount of a glass of water each at different brands of diapers and it came out that DRYPERS was indeed the better quality. That led me to think of conducting my own experiment. Yet till now I’m just so lazy to start it :-). well, maybe because i am fully aware that DRYPERS is still the better one.

Up to date, my eldest daughter uses DRYPERS and so with with my 1 month old baby. Although it is more costly than EQ, its is worth the money, and besides, the difference is not big at all.HUGGIES is even more expensive than drypers. A very small cost i wouldn’t trade for my daughters comfort especially during night or sleeping time.

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  1. Comment by Burns — November 8, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

    I agree! My baby loves Drypers!Ü

  2. Comment by Mae Santiago-Raymundo — September 29, 2011 @ 5:19 am

    I so much agree with the comment because it’s true and correct that it really dries so quick. Plus, I love the new design of Drypers the one with A,B,C and my 1 and only daughter learns from it…

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