Tagaytay vs Baguio

Tagaytay versus Baguio?

I never thought I could stay in Baguio in my entire life, much more had I thought of staying there for a long period of time. But destiny brought me at said place for 5 consecutive years. Thus somehow, even if I am not born or raised up in Baguio, i have handful of knowledge about the summer capital of the Philippines.

I love Baguio. The weather is so nice, very cold indeed, and the people are so friendly. Its like most of the people there are your relatives. I remember riding a taxi before and was metered P62 pesos in my trip home, but my cash on hand was only P60. As soon as we approached my house, I told  the driver to just wait as I get my money inside. To my surprise, the “manong driver” told me in local dialect not to worry because its just 2 pesos. What amazed me more was he was even smiling as he left. How I wish all taxi drivers are like him. Also, I witnessed a taxi driver who was bullied and shouted at by fellow taxi drivers because he did not entertain a commuter who just arrived from Victory Liner Terminal Bus. I then couldn’t help compare taxi drivers in Manila. Manila really has so full of “foolish taxi drivers.” In as much as they can take advantage of their passenger, they would really do it without hesitations.

Anyway, Baguio is really one of the ideal place to stay especially if you want to escape from the agonizing heat and pollution of Metro Manila. Its exactly the place where you can relax and cool off your mind. You have lots of place to visit like Grotto, Burnham park, Camp John Hay, PMA(the best), mines view, etc. not to mention the cool architectural design of SM Baguio. Its definitely, one of the must visit place before you even think of going out from the Philippines.

However, since Baguio is hundreds of kilometers away from Manila, you have to travel like 6-7 hours. Thats a bit sacrifice on your butt 🙂 But I bet the price in trading 7 hours of “BUTT-discomfort” is worth it. (Hehehe)You may also travel through plane via PAL(just duno if it still has flights to Baguio). The only problem is, Flights are scheduled once a week only. Or if you want, you can rent a plane at your own expense hehehe!:-)

Meanwhile, Tagaytay, named as “little Baguio”, is also a nice place to relax. You also have lots of place to visit like People in the Sky, Tagaytay Highlands, picnic grove, etc. The people there are also nice but not as nice as Baguio. And for the Taxi drivers/ Many are from Manila so you know what i mean.

Anyways, all in all, Baguio is still better place to hang out. Yet since Tagaytay is nearer to me(from Manila), I often visit Tagaytay than Baguio.

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Cebu Pacific vs AirPhilippines

I’ll be flying home from Palawan to Manila by the end of this month. Its already been a year since I last took a commercial flight. The last was from Air Philippines which, as I had always expected,  was delayed for few hours. I have had pretty disappointing experiences with AirPhilippines and PAL before when i used to travel locally with these commercial airlines. I can only count in my fingers the times when I flew on time with PAL/Air Phil. In contrast, Cebu Pacific was always on the dot. They only failed me once on my schedule. They were always on time. In fact, I was almost even left behind a flight from Davao to Manila because I was 10 minutes late from departure time. By the way, it was so embarrassing because all eyes were on me as I entered the aircraft, hehehe). Well, who would have thought that all pax were onboard even 15 minutes before the ETD? Anyway, my point is Cebu Pac is I believe very particular with time. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, they once had a commercial ad with “lolo”(old man with walking cane) which implied delayed flights of other airlines.

When I was in Cagayan De Oro, I bought an Air Phil ticket and asked the teller, who happens to be my friend, “why are AirPhil/PAL known for delayed flights.” She smiled and said “Yes, that’s how we care for our passengers?” I said, “HA?” Haluur?” She then explained that the main reason PAL/AirPhil delay its flight is because they always make sure that the aircraft is always in good condition. If pilots, crew and technicians noticed any minute deficiency, they will not fly the aircraft until it is fixed. That’s how they trade time with safety. I sighed for a moment and immediately paid my ticket. Was it true? or was it just a classic example of  loyalty to company? Does she mean Cebu Pac is less secure because they are on time?  What do you think?

Cebu Pacific versus Air Philippines? To whom will you fly?

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