National Geographic vs Discovery Channel?

National Geographic versus Discovery Channel, which is better?

I had subscribed to discovery channel before but only in few months. I enjoyed their segments. Its like the more I watch the channel, the more i discover my ignorance. There are so many amazing discoveries indeed.

When our local Cable Network Company replaced Discovery channel with National Geographic, I often then watched National Geo. They have lots of series which really amazed me especially their Amazing Moments Series. I thought I could never see such clips in my entire life. But much of what I watched in that channel are Air Crash INvestigations or Seconds from Disaster. They are so incredible! The way they reenact every story or accident, its like you’re really a part of it. It’s fabolous! I learned a lot from National Geo. Keep Up the good work! Hope to learn how you made those graphics and animations. They’re so real!

Posted under Shows by brix on Thursday 3 July 2008 at 5:47 am