Quality Time vs Quantity Time

“QUANTITY is QUALITY.” Yes, i do agree that quantity is quality because time is in fact gold.

I was brought by a family with close ties. And I can contest that QUANTITY Time was one of the biggest factors that made us close to one another. I grew up with that in mind.

Now, I have my own family and a work that requires 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Although, there were times when after being away from my loved ones in 2-4 months, i spent time with them in 21 straight days(with pay) , still time is ticking so fast and even a month is not enough. When im out in the field, my wife often complains, and sooner i know my daughter will. In fact, my wife told me that my 2 yr old daughter had been looking for me since i left her more than a month ago. I can feel she misses me so much. She would probably say, “dad, please come home before i will forget your face and AGAIN be scared of you if we meet.”  

But that is how we serve our country, to live life rather QUALITY than QUANTITY. We opted QUALITY time with our wife and children or our loved ones not because we believe on it, but because we have to believe in it. We chose QUALITY but we embrace QUANTITY.

Whether quality or quantity favors me in any instance of my life, still i believe in QUANTITY of time. But, whether my QUANTITY of time is much or less, I will surely spend it with much much and much QUALITY.   

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Sister vs Brother

Me and my elder sister were tagged as the “Cat and Dog” in the family. We never agree on anything. I hated to see her and so does she. Her room was often off limits and I don’t mind because I don’t want to visit her either. It was a blessing and a great joy for both of us if any of the two of us is being scolded by mama or papa. We often argued and usually end up beating each other. That is why we also get our recurring share of agonizing punishments (especially me, the younger and the male), and even at moments we were kneeling for several hours to serve our punishments (purposely to let us reconcile), we still continue to argue. We were the worst enemies!

Years passed, tide changed and we became close. She started to show concern on me, making sure I was good in school. She began to cook foods for us. She offered things she hated to share before. She started to disclose her secrets with me, her joys, her problems, her crushes, her frustrations, etc. I can even go into details of how her relationship with her boyfriend progressed into marriage. We also regularly check each other if we’re both doing fine, either thru cellphone or emails. Neither of us missed to greet each other on our birthdays nor we forget to exchange simple gifts during Christmas and New years. We indeed became veeeeeery close friends. That lasted for years and our bond was “unbreakable.”

Meanwhile, a bachelor that I am lurking to find my soulmate, I dated few prospects until I met this woman who took my breath away. To cut it short, she became my girlfriend. I was pretty in-loved with her and wanted to inform my sister. And so I called her up and shared my “indescribable feeling of LOVE.” But instead of being happy, she was more likely annoyed than glad. And that’s how the new era of our conflict began.

My sister started to become cold. Her weekly calls to check me up were lessened or almost gone. When I had chances to talk to her and I mention my girlfriend’s name, she gets distracted. Or when she finds out that I’m with her, she hangs up the phone. Few years after, I married my girlfriend. Things then got even worse. After she knew about the wedding, she never wanted to see me. She totally stopped communicating with me. On one lucky day, she listened to me and I told her every little pain I felt from her actions. I humbly tendered my apologies even if I didn’t know what it’s for. I embraced her so tight(I badly miss her) and asked for “reconciliation” if that’s what it was called. The conversation ended but to no avail, she was irreconcilable. She left without explaining the “why’s”, and without even a minute hug I longed from her. And that’s were I also started to dislike her.

Now, we live hundreds of miles away from each other, and our eluding desires to patch things up amplify the distance between us. But even with the expanse of space that separates us, i still care for her for she always be my dear sister. I just hope that God will answer my prayer so that one day, our shattered pieces of unbreakable bond will be renewed into a friendship that will endure from the test of time. . .

” . . Father God, I hope you make it SOON .”

Me versus my sister? We both lose!

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