Friendster vs Facebook

Friendster versus Facebook. Facebook versus Friendster. Which is better?

I have signed up and used friendster for almost 3 years now. I was very pleased with this social site because it has been surprising me in meeting my long lost classmates and friends online. It has indeed a very helpful tool in linking to/with other people, both those you know and those you dont.

With that number of years, I could somehow say that I know well friendster’s services and/or features. I have no complains about this social site except sometimes I had so many messages and requests to people who I don’t know and are just actually wanting to befriend with me because they just wanted to increase their list of friends to hundreds and maybe thousands (well, it’s a social site anyway).

Just lately my wife told me about another social site called Facebook.Although I have heard about it for the past years, I explained to her that as far as I know, Friendster was just patterned to Facebook. The only difference i guess was friendster spread like a virus, especially in the PHilippines.

I thought Facebook has bad features that’s why it was outran by friendster. However, when my wife told me Kris Aquino uses Facebook, I then thought Facebook may not be that bad at all, knowing Kris Aquino’s character, very choosy and ‘meticulous’. [Yet I still dont like her :-)]

2 days ago, my brother told me he doesn’t have friendster accounts, but he, his wife, my brothers and his friends rather use Facebook. I asked why and he told me that facebook is better. He explained few points and reasoned more on the fact that in friendster, you have so many offending photos and pictures, sometimes even posted on main pages. There are lots of nude photos in friendster. (Have you noticed that also?) Also, he said that in facebook, you’re social network limits only to your friends and your friends friends, and not to people who are not related to you at all.

To check and see the difference, I signed up for Facebook and I’m just few days old now. For the meantime, I could hardly give feedbacks on difference between the 2 but I have researched few sites and here are some that I found out:

THE FEEL: Similarities and Differences

Similar Features:
• Friend Updates
• Upload Photos and Videos
• Comments (Friendster)/ the Wall (Facebook)
• Send a Smile (Friendster)/ Poke (Facebook)
• Connect with School/ College Friends
• Fans Profiles
• Shout Out (Friendster)/ What am I doing right now (Facebook)
• Classifieds
• Bulletin Boards (Friendster)/ Events and Feed (Facebook)
• Send a Smile (Friendster)/ Poke (Facebook)
• Groups and Discussion Forums


Level of Privacy
Both Friendster and Facebook have customizable privacy settings, and allow their users to choose what profile visitors can and cannot see. However, Facebook is stricter when it comes to privacy, as full viewing of profiles is restricted to 1st-degree friends only; whereas Friendster allows anyone, including non-registered Friendster browsers, to explore and view all “open” profiles.

Friendster has its own blog-builder open to its users which works like and just as customizable as any other weblog publishing site. The Friendster blog is linked to the user profile page and opens up into a separate window when accessed. Facebook on the other hand, only allows users to post links to their external weblogs on their Facebook profiles.

Facebook’s Applications is what sets it apart from Friendster. Due to its restricted layout and small fonts, adding applications to the Facebook profile is easy as a breeze. Due to Facebook Platform which allows developers to create applications to be shared and used within the Facebook community, Facebook has a well of fun applications that users can add to their own and their friends’ profiles ranging from games, quizzes, polls, virtual gestures, etc.

Distinctly Friendster:
CSS customizable profiles.

Distinctly Facebook:
This is a feature that allows users to send virtual gifts to their Facebook friends and networks.

This feature allows users to create their own Facebook profile widget that they can upload in other websites.

Business Solutions
Facebook also has a dedicated page that encourages employers, business owners and organizations to create Facebook profiles and use it as a tool to promote their businesses or groups, and to connect with members/customers.

Read more of this here

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Something vs Anything

Something versus Anything?

I am not expert in grammar so here’s an article i read about when to use the word ‘something’, ‘anything’, ‘someone’ and ‘anyone’. Hope this will help.

Hub Request: what  is the distinction between something and anything?

It’s easiest to first look at the definitions of “some” and “any”:

Some: An unspecified number or quantity

Any: to any degree or extent; one, some, every, or all without specification

Definition: Something

Something (pronoun): An indeterminate or unspecified thing, amount or extent

  • We all remembered something of their visit.
  • She was a biology teacher, but she knew something about physics.

Definition: Anything

Anything (pronoun): Any object, occurrence, or matter whatever.

  • Do you have anything you’d like to say?
  • I will have anything to eat

What is the Difference? Read more here…

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JPEG versus GIFs? When to use or save my file using GIF or JPEG/JPG?

Jpegs and gifs are the most commonly used graphic formats on the web. Each has it’s unique advantages and disadvantages. The material covered in this article will help you decide which format is more appropriate for your images. A general rule of thumb; use gifs for illustrations, clip art, and images with large areas of flat color, use jpgs for photographs and images with continuos tones.

Prepare Your Images
Your images should be RGB, 24bit when you begin. It doesn’t matter where they come from, digital camera, scanner, clipart, custom illustrations, or from another document. Be sure to keep an original around for any changes you want to make later. I recommend keeping everything in Photoshop format, so you can retain all your original information, and layers you may have. If you don’t use Photoshop, keep an original as a tiff, pict, or bmp. (For all you graphic designers out there, people really do use pict for something!) This will give you the most flexibility. I mention this, because I often use images on the web that were originally created for print. These images are usually CMYK, or 1bit (black and white). I immediately convert them to RGB, and change the DPI to 72. Creating images for the web is completely different from creating images for print. Read more..

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Drypers vs EQ diapers

When my first daughter came about 2 years ago, i used HUGGIES diapers because i was fully attracted with their TV commercials and ads; cute babies and a brand name indeed suited for babies, HUGGIES or “HUGS.” Ignorant about diapers(since twas my first time), I was well satisfied with huggies, even if I had wished it could held much baby’s pees. Few months later, I tried a different brand, a cheaper one, EQ diaper. I was more satisfied with it than HUggies because I noticed it held much more liquids. My only problem with EQ then was sometimes, the end of the belts(scotch-tape-like belts) hurt my daughter since it was a bit pointed. But anyway, my eldest daughter used it for almost a year until our local store ran out of EQ diapers and so i was force to buy another brand, DRYPERS.

 I was so delighted by how Drypers handle its tasks. Before, my daughter used 2 EQ diapers overnight to stay dry, but with DYRPERS, she only used one diaper overnight, not to mention the fact that everytime i slid my finger inside drypers, my finger doesn’t wet at all. I then remember a mother who told me about her sons experiment in school. She said her son tried to pour same amount of a glass of water each at different brands of diapers and it came out that DRYPERS was indeed the better quality. That led me to think of conducting my own experiment. Yet till now I’m just so lazy to start it :-). well, maybe because i am fully aware that DRYPERS is still the better one.

Up to date, my eldest daughter uses DRYPERS and so with with my 1 month old baby. Although it is more costly than EQ, its is worth the money, and besides, the difference is not big at all.HUGGIES is even more expensive than drypers. A very small cost i wouldn’t trade for my daughters comfort especially during night or sleeping time.

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World Record vs Rain (Palawan’s Longest Seafood Grill)

Tourist with lolo

Weeks before the attempt of Palawan to break the Longest Seafood Grill Record, everybody was excited. I, for one, wrote it in my calendar and marked it thrice in my cellphone just to make sure i will not forget it. Coordinators said nobody can stop them.

5:00 pm – We started to dress up so we can be there before traffic jams us. However, rain started to pour. We waited for a bit.

5:30 pm – More rain poured so we decided to eat dinner just in case the activity will stretch up to 9pm, that would be too late for dinner.

6:00 pm – We embarked from our haven and jammed a bit from the traffic. We were so excited to be part of this memorable occasion and so we went directly to the site. The Capitol were full of participants but there was no charcoal and fish yet. All we saw were bottles of gasoline and umbrella for shelter.  🙂 We didn’t mind if we’ll get wet with the rain bacause we were just so excited(and we just cant hide it!). But then more rain started to pour .

6:30 pm – We had few bottles of San Mig Light at Centralle Grill Bar(previously Kristins Resto) to seek shelter and waited for the start of the program. Drizzle/Dew/Rain whatever you call it didn’t want to cooperate

6:45 – 7:30 pm – Heavy rain made several participants to give up their participation. Many went home with little children with them. Good thing we were at a good place so we stood on the ground and waited.

7:55 pm – Rain slowly weakened, but the emcee announced the unexpected. “Due to unfavorable weather condition, we’re sorry to announce that the record attempt for Longest Seafood Grill will be postpone to another date. Sponsors may take their share of fish with them” People were disappointed!

8:00 pm – There was no rain at all. We started to roam the site and people started to make fire out from the wet charcoals. Many were liven up when people shouted and cheered as a fire lit up. It seemed people wanted to push the activity or perhaps they were just hungry hehehehe!

9:15pm – As we left the capitol to go home, fireworks started to show up.

Palawans Longest Seafood Grill Records versus Rain? Who reigns?

Palawan somehow lost its bid for its first attempt to break a record in longest seafood grill. Palawan lost its will against Rain. “Sayang! Kung tinuloy nalang sana!” Anyway, even if the record was not attained(for the meantime), I’m still looking forward for the next attempt. I just hope that it will be rain or shine. Or perhaps, coordinators can place tents next time to provide shade or shelter to people, just in case it rains again!

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