Edifier vs Cdr-King Speakers

Edifier Multi-media speakers versus CDR-king multi-media sound system.

A year ago, my classmate bought a set of Edifier Muti-media speakers. It was composed of 1 subwoofer and 2 little speakers. Although I cant recall exactly its model type, as a music lover, i was impressed by the output of its sound. Generally, the size of the speakers were petite but its quality and quantity were superb. I immediately included it in my “to-purchase list” since a component with 5-6 speakers was still impractical. After few window shoppings on Edifier multi-media speakers, I spotted the same speaker system which costs P 2,295.00. Few months later, I was able to save money enough for my little sound system. Without delay, I ran to the Mall and head immediately to the appliance center. However,  just before I reached the end of the mall(where the appliance center was located), I glanced upon a look-a-alike speaker  but colored silver at CDR-King, it was also composed of 1 subwoofer and 2 little  speakers. I chanced to ask how much. I was stunned to hear that its only for P 999.00. However, since it was so cheap, I doubted its quality. For the sake of curiosity, I asked for a demo. And so, the salesgirl plugged it and played some  music from my MP3 player. Amazingly, the sound was very satisfactory! I see no difference between the quality of sounds on my classmates Edifier and that of the Cdr-king speaker. The notable difference I guess is there price 🙂 I can save about P 1,296.00 for a similar product. I can even buy 2 sets of CDR multi-media speakers, and definitely outrun even branded speakers. And so, I bought the set and till now, i am very much satisfied with it! Thanks to CDR kings super cheap products!

Posted under Electronics,Speakers,The Ring by brix on Wednesday 24 September 2008 at 12:46 am