Friendster vs Facebook

Friendster versus Facebook. Facebook versus Friendster. Which is better?

I have signed up and used friendster for almost 3 years now. I was very pleased with this social site because it has been surprising me in meeting my long lost classmates and friends online. It has indeed a very helpful tool in linking to/with other people, both those you know and those you dont.

With that number of years, I could somehow say that I know well friendster’s services and/or features. I have no complains about this social site except sometimes I had so many messages and requests to people who I don’t know and are just actually wanting to befriend with me because they just wanted to increase their list of friends to hundreds and maybe thousands (well, it’s a social site anyway).

Just lately my wife told me about another social site called Facebook.Although I have heard about it for the past years, I explained to her that as far as I know, Friendster was just patterned to Facebook. The only difference i guess was friendster spread like a virus, especially in the PHilippines.

I thought Facebook has bad features that’s why it was outran by friendster. However, when my wife told me Kris Aquino uses Facebook, I then thought Facebook may not be that bad at all, knowing Kris Aquino’s character, very choosy and ‘meticulous’. [Yet I still dont like her :-)]

2 days ago, my brother told me he doesn’t have friendster accounts, but he, his wife, my brothers and his friends rather use Facebook. I asked why and he told me that facebook is better. He explained few points and reasoned more on the fact that in friendster, you have so many offending photos and pictures, sometimes even posted on main pages. There are lots of nude photos in friendster. (Have you noticed that also?) Also, he said that in facebook, you’re social network limits only to your friends and your friends friends, and not to people who are not related to you at all.

To check and see the difference, I signed up for Facebook and I’m just few days old now. For the meantime, I could hardly give feedbacks on difference between the 2 but I have researched few sites and here are some that I found out:

THE FEEL: Similarities and Differences

Similar Features:
• Friend Updates
• Upload Photos and Videos
• Comments (Friendster)/ the Wall (Facebook)
• Send a Smile (Friendster)/ Poke (Facebook)
• Connect with School/ College Friends
• Fans Profiles
• Shout Out (Friendster)/ What am I doing right now (Facebook)
• Classifieds
• Bulletin Boards (Friendster)/ Events and Feed (Facebook)
• Send a Smile (Friendster)/ Poke (Facebook)
• Groups and Discussion Forums


Level of Privacy
Both Friendster and Facebook have customizable privacy settings, and allow their users to choose what profile visitors can and cannot see. However, Facebook is stricter when it comes to privacy, as full viewing of profiles is restricted to 1st-degree friends only; whereas Friendster allows anyone, including non-registered Friendster browsers, to explore and view all “open” profiles.

Friendster has its own blog-builder open to its users which works like and just as customizable as any other weblog publishing site. The Friendster blog is linked to the user profile page and opens up into a separate window when accessed. Facebook on the other hand, only allows users to post links to their external weblogs on their Facebook profiles.

Facebook’s Applications is what sets it apart from Friendster. Due to its restricted layout and small fonts, adding applications to the Facebook profile is easy as a breeze. Due to Facebook Platform which allows developers to create applications to be shared and used within the Facebook community, Facebook has a well of fun applications that users can add to their own and their friends’ profiles ranging from games, quizzes, polls, virtual gestures, etc.

Distinctly Friendster:
CSS customizable profiles.

Distinctly Facebook:
This is a feature that allows users to send virtual gifts to their Facebook friends and networks.

This feature allows users to create their own Facebook profile widget that they can upload in other websites.

Business Solutions
Facebook also has a dedicated page that encourages employers, business owners and organizations to create Facebook profiles and use it as a tool to promote their businesses or groups, and to connect with members/customers.

Read more of this here

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Something vs Anything

Something versus Anything?

I am not expert in grammar so here’s an article i read about when to use the word ‘something’, ‘anything’, ‘someone’ and ‘anyone’. Hope this will help.

Hub Request: what  is the distinction between something and anything?

It’s easiest to first look at the definitions of “some” and “any”:

Some: An unspecified number or quantity

Any: to any degree or extent; one, some, every, or all without specification

Definition: Something

Something (pronoun): An indeterminate or unspecified thing, amount or extent

  • We all remembered something of their visit.
  • She was a biology teacher, but she knew something about physics.

Definition: Anything

Anything (pronoun): Any object, occurrence, or matter whatever.

  • Do you have anything you’d like to say?
  • I will have anything to eat

What is the Difference? Read more here…

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Sun Cellular versus Touch Mobile Services? Who’s the crowds choice?

Somebody suggested to me(seen in comments for SMART vs GLOBE) to compare SUN and TM. I wanted to compare it but i’m not a TM nor a SUN subscriber. Hope you can help me and or others know which one is better, SUN or TM? What services offered by SUN and TM?

Hope you will share your experience/s on either network. Just click on Comments below this article.

Thank you very much!

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Globe versus Smart? Who has better service? Who provides better?

I went to a local reloading station early this morning to buy a P100 Autoload. Just before i left the store, the owner said, “basta galing Manila Globe talaga no(most people from Manila are Globe subscribers,right?).” I was amazed because i thought Globe was lately loosing its subrscribers against Smart. Curiously i asked, “Bakit nyo po nasabi? (why dyo say so?).” She said “kasi napapansin ko lang karamihan sa grupo nyo puro Globe ang pinapaload (most from your group buy Globe Autoload).” And then she continued “alam mo ang dami ng lumilipat sa Globe ngayon”(many switched to Globe lately). I was amazed how she came up with that anaylsis and so i asked, “Pano nyo po nalaman? (how did you know)” She then reasoned, ” kasi dati umaabot ako ng P3,000-P5,000 a day sa mga nagpapaload sa Smart pero ngayon malaki n ang P1,000. Tapos ung globe dati P500 lng sa isang araw kung minsan pero ngayon umaabot na ng P2,000″ (I used to sell P3,000-P5,000 from Smart Autoload before but now , i could hardly sell 1,000 a day. And my sales in Globe used to be P500 a day but lately, it averaged at 2,000 a day)” And so i thought, yah that makes sense. That left me thinking Who has better service, Is it Globe or Smart?

I had been a Globe subscriber since i first had a cellphone way back year 2000. I never had any problems with globe until i went to Basilan, Zamboanga with no signal at all. I thought it was just temporary and hoped i’ll have signals after few minutes or hours. But minutes passed, hours consumed, and another day comes, still with no bars indicating signal on my cp. What made it more disappointing was many of my colleagues who were Smart subscribers were able to call their girlfriend/wife.

I was forced to buy a Smart simcard. Since then on, I used that sim to replace my Globe sim. I had it for couple of years and was satisfied with their services. I mean, well i do have signals every place i visited, not to mention the numerous free calls i got from them(by the way, my friend says SMART again has free calls every 2am-5am, im not just sure though if by the time you read this they still have that promo/privileges or should i say technical problems). And so, i could say SMART had been a dear friend to me for quite some time.

Year 2005 at SM Clark, I lost my cellphone. Neccesity as it is, I bought a new cellphone but this time I opted a Globe Simcard. Why? Well, probably those people around me(mostly people i trust) are good adverstisers of Globe and they convinced a consumer like me to switched to Globe(”,).

Its almost 3 years now, and im more satisfied with GLOBE Services compared before. Although i was not able to visit Basilan again to check if they have setup network connections for Globe subscribers, I am so far contented with the signals i get from GLOBE.

Up to now, I could not say who the better network is, SMART or Globe. Both have satisfied my needs and i thank them for giving me the chance to connect with anyone much faster and more efficient. Although its amusing to hear that, my wife, my father-in-law, few of my co-workers planned to switch to Globe because of the numerous ringtones they had been receiving, which they said they did not subscribe yet consumed most of their load, still BIG thanks to Globe and Smart.

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