Wax or Shave?

Have plans of taking that unnecessary and unwanted hair? which is better wax, or shave?


RYAN said: I have redness where I shave. How can I get rid of it?

Doug said: NO u cant!

Blueeyed said: Try another shaving cream

Erica said: use more water. goes away on its own. its probably just a rash.

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REA M said: “Ladies, I need a wax kit, but all the ones I have tried left me with little red bumps all over my legs that were really sore. Does anyone know of any that don’t do this?”

SOMEGIRL said: I use the sally hanes wax kit. Its the white chocolate (?..i think) one. I have sensitive skin, but it works for me, and comes with a calming lotion.

EVE said: it sounds like you may have sensitive skin, try using a cream wax, one that you put on thick and let it go a little hard and rip it off by itself, this wax is more gentle and very effective. But it means you’d need to buy a wax pot as well, i dont think it comes in little use at home tubs. Those little red bumps may not go away though, try exfoliating and then using some tea tree lotion which will help to prevent ingrowns too.

Posted under Beauty Tips by brix on Thursday 3 July 2008 at 12:32 pm