To Blog versus Not to Blog?

I am NOT a good writer, but i want to write. I am more of a Mathematician than a journalist. I would prefer to work with numbers rather than words and sentences. I just could not equate myself constructing premises, phrases or paragraphs, much more if I make blogs. I will have plenty of critics and I would be ashamed anybody notices my errors.

However, life is a continuous learning experience and that practice makes perfect. And so, I will not let my fear overcome me. I will conquer it! If scientist and geniuses commit mistakes, I deserve an excuse. I will speak my mind and blog at my own pace. This will be my venue of improving my weakness in writing. Go Blogging!

See I didn’t notice I have 16 post already in less than a month! It took me a week to make one article before hehehe!

Posted under Personal by brix on Wednesday 2 July 2008 at 12:31 am

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