.COM versus .ORG?

.COM versus .ORG? which is better? 


.COM is short for  “COMpanies”.

.COM is the most popular and commonly used domain. I tried to make few research about why “.com” is the most popular but I couldn’t find a very convincing reason except that the first registered domain name was in the “.com” particularly SYMBOLICS.COM, registered on March 15, 1985. (BTW, the first Top Level Domains(TLD) are .COM, .ORG, .EDU, .GOV, .MIL and ccTLD). In short, .COM was the oldest registered web-address in the world.

.COM became more and more popular and people tend to incorporate domain names with .COM, even up to now. As a result, a common user would most likely try a .COM version of a certain domain than other TLDs.

As of this date, a .COM costs $10.00 per year.


.ORG also was one of the first generic TLDs. The first registered domain under .ORG came 3 months after .COM (July 1985 under mitre.org).

Wikipedia says:

…ORG was one of the original top-level domains, established in January 1985, originally intended for use by organizations that did not meet the requirements for other gTLDs.

…Anyone can register a .org domain; there are no requirements for registration. .org was commonly recommended for use by individuals, although .name and .info are now alternatives.

…The .org TLD is mostly associated with non-profit organizations. In addition to its wide use in the charitable field, it is often used by the open-source movement, as opposed to the .com domains used mostly by companies.

.ORG also costs $10.00 per year.


If your site is NON-PROFIT in nature, a .COM or a .ORG or even any domain extension will definitely work for you. It doesn’t matter. It’s just like giving an extended name on your desired domain name. In short, take your pick. One thing is for sure, all domain extensions have the ability to post your site on the web.

If you’re a PROFIT-ORIENTED site, I believe .COM is better than .ORG. As World Wide Web(www) became more and more popular, web designers and web owners often desire to have addresses which can be easily remembered. Since .COM has been the most popular and most reputable domain, tendency is people would most likely type a .COM after a partly remembered domain name rather than a .ORG. As a result, a .COM gets more traffic or visits compared to .ORG of same second level domain name.

A post from http://www.onlineforsuccess.com/domain-com.htm says:

Dot Com is King. Though the prevalence of alternatives to a .com location are increasing daily, the power of a .com domain continues to be unrivaled for its acceptance by consumers and search engines alike. The .com name generates a virtual sense of legitimacy, as the domain where it all began. Even old timers like .net, and .org have yet to obtain the general appeal of a .com name. Without a doubt, everything has its time, and its place. Newcomers like .biz or .info may play a significant role in coming years, and they do allow businesses the flexibility to choose a far more intuitive location name than that which is available in the .com world. But with a limited appeal, and limited search engine recognition, one should likely consider them for additional location registrations, versus the cornerstone location for a new online venture.

Since both domain names cost $10 a year and .COM is so far still the most remembered, why settle for .ORG? Business-wise, it is important that you have the .COM than the .ORG because the .COM will really steal the traffic of .ORG.

So, between .COM and .ORG? .COM win$! 🙂

By the way, its nice to note that recently, many companies use the .ORG to promote their products. Since .org is usually associated with non-profit organizations and many “trust” non-profit organizations, it helps build credibility on the product.

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