LCD vs Plasma?

LCD versus Plasma? which is better?

I often visit the appliance centers on malls because I’m always amazed with electronic gadgets. Oftentimes I see new models of Televisions in front rows, from small to huge TVs or from thin to thinnest. All are indeed impressive with its superb picture quality. I could then infer that the future on TVs is on FLAT SCREENS.

Before, I thought that flat screens are all the same. Yet  lately, I found out types of flat screens, these are PLASMA SCREENS and the LCD types. I then make few searches and found from a site (,239035250,240036500,00.htm) few distinctions between PLASMA and LCD Flat screens. Here’s a tabulated presentation of the differences:

DIFFERENCE Uses plasma cells Uses liquid crystals
displays black more accurately Hard to achieve true black LCD is steadily improving with every new generation
CONTRAST Has better contrast and details in dark coloured TV or movie scenes than LCD Since it could hardly achieve true black, it has lesser contrasting effects
VIWIENG ANGLES-are how far you can sit on either side of a screen before the picture’s quality is affected Better viewing angles Has narrower viewing angles than Plasma
LCDs entering the market lately have viewing angles equal to or greater than some plasmas
BRIGHTNESS Produce a brighter colour Less bright due to light leakage on an LCD affecting its colour saturation.
PRICE Cheaper particularly in the large screen end of the market More costly

Nowadays, LCDs matched Plasma prices and sometime even cheaper.

RESOLUTIONS lesser resolution have higher native resolution than plasmas of similar size, which means more pixels on a screen
Higher power consumption

consumes less power than plasma screens. Power saving at up to 30% less than plasma

WEIGHT Often heavier than LCDs Lighter than similar sized plasmas, making it easier to move around or wall mount.
20,000 hrs – 60,000 hrs Some says LCDs have longer lifespan than plasma screens*Guaranteed for 60,000 hours. True for earlier plasma models, which would lose half of their brightness after more than 20,000 hours of viewing. Later plasma generations have bumped that up to anything between 30,000 and 60,000 hours.

occurs when an image is left too long on a screen, resulting in a ghost of that image burned in permanently

Some plasmas suffer from screen burn in not commonly associated with LCDs Newer plasmas are less susceptible to this bacause of improved technology and features such as screen savers, but burn-in is still a problem. But after a few days of use most burnt-in images will fade — they are no longer permanent.
some LCDs have a tendencies to blur images, particularly during fast moving scenes in movies or in sports True for older generation LCD screens but newer models have improved significantly *the differences in performance between LCDs and plasmas in this regard is almost negligible

Recommendation: (based on the website given above)

For big screen television market(50″and above), Plasma screens are suggested as a safe bet. Plasmas give more value of money. While LCDs can give you better resolution, plasma still has the edge in terms of picture quality.

For smaller ends(15″ to 42″ TVs), LCD is the only way to go if you want something slim and tasteful. And the best thing is that LCDs are getting cheaper all the time.

Read more details about this topic here or at,239035250,240036500,00.htm

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Tagaytay vs Baguio

Tagaytay versus Baguio?

I never thought I could stay in Baguio in my entire life, much more had I thought of staying there for a long period of time. But destiny brought me at said place for 5 consecutive years. Thus somehow, even if I am not born or raised up in Baguio, i have handful of knowledge about the summer capital of the Philippines.

I love Baguio. The weather is so nice, very cold indeed, and the people are so friendly. Its like most of the people there are your relatives. I remember riding a taxi before and was metered P62 pesos in my trip home, but my cash on hand was only P60. As soon as we approached my house, I told  the driver to just wait as I get my money inside. To my surprise, the “manong driver” told me in local dialect not to worry because its just 2 pesos. What amazed me more was he was even smiling as he left. How I wish all taxi drivers are like him. Also, I witnessed a taxi driver who was bullied and shouted at by fellow taxi drivers because he did not entertain a commuter who just arrived from Victory Liner Terminal Bus. I then couldn’t help compare taxi drivers in Manila. Manila really has so full of “foolish taxi drivers.” In as much as they can take advantage of their passenger, they would really do it without hesitations.

Anyway, Baguio is really one of the ideal place to stay especially if you want to escape from the agonizing heat and pollution of Metro Manila. Its exactly the place where you can relax and cool off your mind. You have lots of place to visit like Grotto, Burnham park, Camp John Hay, PMA(the best), mines view, etc. not to mention the cool architectural design of SM Baguio. Its definitely, one of the must visit place before you even think of going out from the Philippines.

However, since Baguio is hundreds of kilometers away from Manila, you have to travel like 6-7 hours. Thats a bit sacrifice on your butt 🙂 But I bet the price in trading 7 hours of “BUTT-discomfort” is worth it. (Hehehe)You may also travel through plane via PAL(just duno if it still has flights to Baguio). The only problem is, Flights are scheduled once a week only. Or if you want, you can rent a plane at your own expense hehehe!:-)

Meanwhile, Tagaytay, named as “little Baguio”, is also a nice place to relax. You also have lots of place to visit like People in the Sky, Tagaytay Highlands, picnic grove, etc. The people there are also nice but not as nice as Baguio. And for the Taxi drivers/ Many are from Manila so you know what i mean.

Anyways, all in all, Baguio is still better place to hang out. Yet since Tagaytay is nearer to me(from Manila), I often visit Tagaytay than Baguio.

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Obama vs McCain

Barack Hussein Obama vs John Sidney McCain? 

I have heard from many that Obama is likely to win the elections than McCain. Is it true? If I were an american voter, I’ll go for Obama! We are of same color hehehe just kidin! 🙂

Actually, I had a previous post about OBAMA vs McCAIN, yet I thought of posting another one to inform you and hopefully many about an information I heard which caught my attention.

I have a friend who is closely  working with an American Soldier. I would just name my friend as “binoy” and his American friend “Joe.” Binoy, in one of our regular meeting, mentioned about the upcoming US elections.  He said that most of the ads and even news infered that Obama will win for Presidential elections. I definitely agreed with him. He spoke out his views and side about the elections, the whys and hows. What stunned me was when he told me about an assassination plot about Obama. He said that Joe told him, in one of their drinking spree, that should Obama win the elections, an assassination plot will be raised for Obama. Joe even told him that it’s already planned. Binoy asked why? Joe explained that most Americans still don’t like “blacks” much more would they want a president. I was actually doubtful because all I know racial discrimination in America has long been gone. Yet Binoy further continued that he also gave same comment to Joe but Joe insisted that its true,color discrimination is still existing in American land. (Is this really true?) Joe said that the a special operations team from american military was already in place to execute the plans. Well, its just so hard believe on “hearsays” but should this be true…i hope it remained a hearsay. 

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Water vs Paracetamol

Water versus Paracetamol?

My grandfather died from a lung problem. Although he was a regular smoker, he also had a weak lungs. Unluckily, I inherited my granpa’s weakness, a vulnerable respiratory system.

I couldn’t count on my fingers how many times i was hospitalized because of Respiratory Track Infection. And everytime I was confined at the hospital or diagnosed with RTI, I am bombarded with lots of medicines. Paracetamol was never out in my list of drugs since along with my RTI was always a fever. In short, my body was so full of Paracetamol and other RTI related meds.

Until one day, I read from a bulletin posted by my office mate about water therapy and its benefits. I found out that there are various illnesses and diseases you can treat by only drinking water. And one of these was my chronic problem, cough and colds. When I first read about it, i couldn’t believe since it was too good to be true. I couldn’t imagine a free and very accessible medicine for URTI-water.

Until soon enough, i had flu and eventually had a slight fever. I then gambled in drinking water instead of taking medicine. As soon as I stood on my feet the next day, I drank 1.5 liters of water and drank more as much as i could. I never stopped drinking water the whole day. Its like I want to drown myself from water. I thought then that if other people can bear drinking cases of Liquors/beers, why can’t I drink cases of water? Much more if it can make my body feel better or heal me from any sickness? And so I ended the day with only water running my whole body. I continued until before I slept. The only thing i hated when I was doing this was, I was also a chronic visitor of the comfort room. 🙂 but the following day? I swear, God knows, had no fever and I really felt better. I was really amazed. I dunno if that was a coincident but just a week ago, i had again a flu and slight fever. And all i did was just drink plenty and plenty and plenty and pleeeenty of water. Although i bought Paracetamol and few Carbocisteine capsules, i did not bother taking it. Still, I got healed.

Water is I guess a very powerful medicine we should all take advantage of. Its not that I am setting aside medicines( i still believe in them), but if we can heal our illnesses by natural resources/process, why not take it? And besides its for free!

By the way, if you want to read more on water and its benefits, click here

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