JPEG versus GIFs? When to use or save my file using GIF or JPEG/JPG?

Jpegs and gifs are the most commonly used graphic formats on the web. Each has it’s unique advantages and disadvantages. The material covered in this article will help you decide which format is more appropriate for your images. A general rule of thumb; use gifs for illustrations, clip art, and images with large areas of flat color, use jpgs for photographs and images with continuos tones.

Prepare Your Images
Your images should be RGB, 24bit when you begin. It doesn’t matter where they come from, digital camera, scanner, clipart, custom illustrations, or from another document. Be sure to keep an original around for any changes you want to make later. I recommend keeping everything in Photoshop format, so you can retain all your original information, and layers you may have. If you don’t use Photoshop, keep an original as a tiff, pict, or bmp. (For all you graphic designers out there, people really do use pict for something!) This will give you the most flexibility. I mention this, because I often use images on the web that were originally created for print. These images are usually CMYK, or 1bit (black and white). I immediately convert them to RGB, and change the DPI to 72. Creating images for the web is completely different from creating images for print. Read more..

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Edifier vs Cdr-King Speakers

Edifier Multi-media speakers versus CDR-king multi-media sound system.

A year ago, my classmate bought a set of Edifier Muti-media speakers. It was composed of 1 subwoofer and 2 little speakers. Although I cant recall exactly its model type, as a music lover, i was impressed by the output of its sound. Generally, the size of the speakers were petite but its quality and quantity were superb. I immediately included it in my “to-purchase list” since a component with 5-6 speakers was still impractical. After few window shoppings on Edifier multi-media speakers, I spotted the same speaker system which costs P 2,295.00. Few months later, I was able to save money enough for my little sound system. Without delay, I ran to the Mall and head immediately to the appliance center. However,  just before I reached the end of the mall(where the appliance center was located), I glanced upon a look-a-alike speaker  but colored silver at CDR-King, it was also composed of 1 subwoofer and 2 little  speakers. I chanced to ask how much. I was stunned to hear that its only for P 999.00. However, since it was so cheap, I doubted its quality. For the sake of curiosity, I asked for a demo. And so, the salesgirl plugged it and played some  music from my MP3 player. Amazingly, the sound was very satisfactory! I see no difference between the quality of sounds on my classmates Edifier and that of the Cdr-king speaker. The notable difference I guess is there price 🙂 I can save about P 1,296.00 for a similar product. I can even buy 2 sets of CDR multi-media speakers, and definitely outrun even branded speakers. And so, I bought the set and till now, i am very much satisfied with it! Thanks to CDR kings super cheap products!

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MAC vs PCs 2

Macintosh versus PC?

My first post bout MAC vs PC was like 3 months ago. I mentioned there that I’ll buy a Mac as soon as i can save money. True enough, I now own an ibook G4 12 inch. I bought it a week ago and I am very satisfied with its performance. However, my first hour with MAC was so confusing.

Jem, who assisted me in the store showed the ibook and told me she will leave in a moment so I can check on the MAC. At one point I was glad because I can indeed scrutinize the laptop. On the other hand I was left with a big a Question mark because I had never used a MAc before. And so, to avoid embarrassment from all buyers who where inside the  store that time, I started to slide my finger on the trackpad and tried to click on anything as if I am a MAC user. I first clicked on the single icon I saw on the desktop, it was named MACINTOSH HD. The filed opened and I saw on my left scrollbar, DEVICES, SHARED, PLACES, and SHARED FOR.I was looking for things like, MY DOCUMENTS, MY COMPUTER, RECYCLE BIN, etc. And so, I was left with a Big “?” again. “What now?” I thought. As a customer came close to see what I was doing, I immediately clicked on the MACINTOSH HD icon under DEVICES so that the customer will not noticed I was confused hehe. And so a display of several applications showed up. There was the Ichat, Imovie,  quick time player, itunes, etc. I even noticed a file with a name SAFARI and thought it was lists of animals 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t bother to click on that and went on by clicking the itunes since that was by far the most known to me that time. I played few music files and continued to explore the MAC. Few minutes later, Jem appeared and asked if I was doing fine. I slowly whispered her,  “actually jem, its my first time to use mac.” She then taught me few basics and demo. Somehow, it helped me grasp more pictures about MAC. 

After that short lesson, I told her I’ll buy the laptop. Even if back on my mind, I still have lots and lots and even tons of questions about how to use the MAC, I paid the unit and went home. Another 3 hrs travel home and I chanced to  read the manual that goes with the unit. It was like I bought a new cellphone and got to know my CP by reading its manual. And so, i arrived home and started to open my MAC. I tried to performed few things I read from the manual and began to acquaint myself with my new buddy. I then went on by clicking every icon I saw, even the SAFARI. Thats when I knew that SAFARI was a web browser application not an encyclopedia or a trip to a zoo program 🙂  I then found out that MACINTOSH HD icon was like the MY COMPUTER of PC. MY DOCUMENTS was equated with the DOCUMENTS in MAC. I was even  amazed by an application DASHBOARD since I can group programs/applications I want in just one click. I discovered more and more things and began to realize that MAC wasn’t difficult to learn at all. Its just maybe because many people here know PCs than mac. Anyway, first times are always more tasking.

A day after, i brought my Laptop at my office. I immediately tried to experiment how it will deal with viruses. Since the computer in our office was filled with so many viruses, I plugged my Flashdisk for a while so it will be infected and plugged it eventually on my MAc. Undoubtedly, files like “exp1orer”, “recyler”, “autoRun”, “smss.exe”, nyg1xz, etc showed up. I immediately dragged all of it  into the Trash bin and a pop-up menu asked  me if i still intend to continue since the files were all locked. I clicked Yes of course. And so, it were all in my Trash bin. however, as I tried to empty my Trash bin, the viruses cannot be deleted. Few instructions later revealed that I just need to press the option bar so it will be deleted. Without delay I press the option bar while deleting my trash. And so, I  was very  glad to hear a crashing sound as the files/viruses were totally removed/deleted.

I immediately spread this good new in our office because our office is currently plagued with viruses. In fact, an office mate can no longer boot his HP laptop because it was infected with a virus named “UST Scandal.exe” And so, few personnel went to  me and let there flashdisks cleaned by manually removing suspicious files.

Well, I am just one of the happiest persons because I somehow get rid of these very annoying viruses.

So, you guys out there, think twice before you buy another PC. If you buy a PC, you may avoid “firsttime confusions” in MAC but you will never get rid of the thousands of viruses which will eat your time, money, effort, and patience. Think twice! Consider a MAC.   

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Drypers vs EQ diapers

When my first daughter came about 2 years ago, i used HUGGIES diapers because i was fully attracted with their TV commercials and ads; cute babies and a brand name indeed suited for babies, HUGGIES or “HUGS.” Ignorant about diapers(since twas my first time), I was well satisfied with huggies, even if I had wished it could held much baby’s pees. Few months later, I tried a different brand, a cheaper one, EQ diaper. I was more satisfied with it than HUggies because I noticed it held much more liquids. My only problem with EQ then was sometimes, the end of the belts(scotch-tape-like belts) hurt my daughter since it was a bit pointed. But anyway, my eldest daughter used it for almost a year until our local store ran out of EQ diapers and so i was force to buy another brand, DRYPERS.

 I was so delighted by how Drypers handle its tasks. Before, my daughter used 2 EQ diapers overnight to stay dry, but with DYRPERS, she only used one diaper overnight, not to mention the fact that everytime i slid my finger inside drypers, my finger doesn’t wet at all. I then remember a mother who told me about her sons experiment in school. She said her son tried to pour same amount of a glass of water each at different brands of diapers and it came out that DRYPERS was indeed the better quality. That led me to think of conducting my own experiment. Yet till now I’m just so lazy to start it :-). well, maybe because i am fully aware that DRYPERS is still the better one.

Up to date, my eldest daughter uses DRYPERS and so with with my 1 month old baby. Although it is more costly than EQ, its is worth the money, and besides, the difference is not big at all.HUGGIES is even more expensive than drypers. A very small cost i wouldn’t trade for my daughters comfort especially during night or sleeping time.

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