Crabbing VS One Wing Low Landing method

Crabbing Landing Method versus One wing Low Landing Method.

Early in the course of my flying career, I had encountered landing conditions with gusty winds, sometimes even reaching beyond the limits of the aircraft. Mostly, I used the crabbing method(facing the wind or facing off-centerline landing) because i find it more comfortable and easy. However, when i came back at our headquarters from a deployment and had undergone the Standard Evaluation, my checker told me to refrain from using crabbing method and instead apply one wing low method. I wondered in a while because nobody had cautioned me before with that. But anyway, I just complied with what he said. The next series of touch and go were then all one wing low landings. I banked the yoke towards the wind(on my port) and compensate it with rudder(right rudder), that’s how it works. To cut it short, although I’m not yet very confident bout one wing low landing on strong winds, I have had several landings using such method. The last was just a week ago when I landed the BN Islander with a wind of 22 knots gusting 28.

During this landing, the  wind was really strong. I could feel the aircraft being drifted quickly. I made my first approach with one wing low and at about 400ft above ground level (AGL) on finals, I decided to make a low pass, more especially when i saw flocks of birds on the runway. Upon reaching about 20 feet, the gust was so unpredictable, so I had my power to full and made my second approach. I still used the one wing low method because that’s the last advised i got. At 500ft on finals, the wind was strong enough that it made aircraft face the wind even with a yoke banked about 15 degrees to the port. Yes, i could still track my centerline with one wing low but the problem is every time wind gusts slammed my port aerofoil, the aircraft swiftly banked on my left giving me hard time making a stable track of the threshold and centerline. I continued my approach and landed the aircraft. After landing, i realized how difficult the approach was so I asked my Safety Pilot about my approach. He said that it would be much easier if I used the crabbing method. I was amazed to hear it from him. And so I dug more follow-up questions. And then he explained that crabbing method will help me ease the burden of continually compensating the tendency of the aircraft to always face the wind. It also preempts a possible sudden bank on the wind side (exposing my wings) and keeping a better margin for safety. Conversely, Crabbing method or approaching facing the wind with yoke on wind direction and rudder on the opposite was the right approach especially during high winds. It creates a bigger margin of a safe landing than using one wing low method.

So, next time I fly, I will use one wing low method :-), just kiddin! I will use it only on low wind conditions. Yes, i will apply crabbing method landing the next time wind conditions doesn’t favor a normal landing approach. Crabbing Method on high winds with gusts!

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T-Back vs G-String

To all girls, ladies, maam, miss, and wanting to be girls(hehehe) which is more comfortable, Thong or G-String? Which is sexier? And which is more seductive? hehhehe!

g string, lingerieversuslingerie, thong

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Coke versus Pepsi? Which one is better?  “The Taste of the New Generation” or ” You Can’t Beat Real Thing!”

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To Blog versus Not to Blog?

I am NOT a good writer, but i want to write. I am more of a Mathematician than a journalist. I would prefer to work with numbers rather than words and sentences. I just could not equate myself constructing premises, phrases or paragraphs, much more if I make blogs. I will have plenty of critics and I would be ashamed anybody notices my errors.

However, life is a continuous learning experience and that practice makes perfect. And so, I will not let my fear overcome me. I will conquer it! If scientist and geniuses commit mistakes, I deserve an excuse. I will speak my mind and blog at my own pace. This will be my venue of improving my weakness in writing. Go Blogging!

See I didn’t notice I have 16 post already in less than a month! It took me a week to make one article before hehehe!

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