Lebron James versus Kobe Bryant

Lebron James versus Kobe Bryant?

Olympics in Beijing is just around the corner. One of the games I’m eager to watch is basketball, to see Lebron again and his high flying dunks. I’m anxious to see how will Lebron lead the US Team and bring home a Champion. If he has not brought the Cavaliers to NBA Champs this year because he lacks team duo/ assitance, maybe this is the right time.

However, just this morning I heard from a friend that he saw KOBE Bryant on TV commenting that he’s nervous on the olympics because its his first time to lead the US to Olympic game. What?

Will Kobe Bryant lead the US team or Is it Lebron James? Lets wait and see..

 Will it really be KOBE BRYANT? or LEBRON JAMES?   

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Mission Accomplishment vs Safety

Mission Accomplishment versus Safety!

We are scheduled to take a flight mission early in one morning to pick-up personnel about 200 miles from Puerto Princesa City. The personnel to be transported neeeded to be in Puerto to attend an important activity, and that was one of our mission, to bring them here on that day. As early as 6:30 am, everything was ready and set for takeoff except for one vital element, WEATHER condition. As I opened few weather websites, i could easily infer from the pictures that the weather along our route of flight is not favorable. True enough, as i opened the PAGASA website, there was LOW Pressure Area at 90km West Northwest of Coron, Palawan. That’s just few kilometers from our destination, El NIdo. Also, a weatherman from friendly units informed us thru text message that El NIdo is currently experiencing heavy rains with thick cloud build-up at West of El NIdo Airport. Although the weather in Puerto Princesa was improving, we waited for a while before we postponed the mission, just in case the weather changes. And so, we get weather updates every 30 minutes. After an hour, the sun started to show-up at Puerto Princesa, but still El Nido continued to experience rains. After three hours of waiting and confirming an unimproving weather condition at our point of destination, we finally called it a day. Flight is posponed the next day.

We fly a BNI Islander aircraft. A 10 seater capacity plane. It is an airfoil not big enough to endure adverse weather conditions. Although strictly, we, the pilots and crew, can undertake said mission, SAFETY was always our main business. Thus, we we aborted said task.

It has long been indoctrinated on us that “safety is paramount at all times.” We should always bear in mind that the first mission to be fulfilled should at all times be, “to bring the plane and the lives within to SAFETY.”

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McDo versus Jollibee

Where do i get much value of money, jollibee or mcdonald?  which is better?  


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Wax or Shave?

Have plans of taking that unnecessary and unwanted hair? which is better wax, or shave?


RYAN said: I have redness where I shave. How can I get rid of it?

Doug said: NO u cant!

Blueeyed said: Try another shaving cream

Erica said: use more water. goes away on its own. its probably just a rash.

more on   http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080702190036AAM0RMl


REA M said: “Ladies, I need a wax kit, but all the ones I have tried left me with little red bumps all over my legs that were really sore. Does anyone know of any that don’t do this?”

SOMEGIRL said: I use the sally hanes wax kit. Its the white chocolate (?..i think) one. I have sensitive skin, but it works for me, and comes with a calming lotion.

EVE said: it sounds like you may have sensitive skin, try using a cream wax, one that you put on thick and let it go a little hard and rip it off by itself, this wax is more gentle and very effective. But it means you’d need to buy a wax pot as well, i dont think it comes in little use at home tubs. Those little red bumps may not go away though, try exfoliating and then using some tea tree lotion which will help to prevent ingrowns too.

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National Geographic vs Discovery Channel?

National Geographic versus Discovery Channel, which is better?

I had subscribed to discovery channel before but only in few months. I enjoyed their segments. Its like the more I watch the channel, the more i discover my ignorance. There are so many amazing discoveries indeed.

When our local Cable Network Company replaced Discovery channel with National Geographic, I often then watched National Geo. They have lots of series which really amazed me especially their Amazing Moments Series. I thought I could never see such clips in my entire life. But much of what I watched in that channel are Air Crash INvestigations or Seconds from Disaster. They are so incredible! The way they reenact every story or accident, its like you’re really a part of it. It’s fabolous! I learned a lot from National Geo. Keep Up the good work! Hope to learn how you made those graphics and animations. They’re so real!

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