High Approach vs Low Approach Landing

High Approach versus Low Approach Landing? Which is safer? which of the 2 will I use?

When I first flew an airplane, I did not mind whether my approach in landing would be High or Low. All I was aiming was to land the aircraft graciously so I could impress my Instructor Pilot (IP). Although these two approaches were taught to me in theory during my ground phase, I did not fully appreciate the difference between such methods because back on my mind, my First Pilot or Pilot-in-Command(or PIC) will always be there to correct my approach.

After about 150 hrs as co-pilot in Cessna 152 and Britten Norman Islander or BNI for short, I was recommended for another training, this time as First Pilot of BNI, the same training my PICs underwent and which will soon put me to helm of deciding what to choose or what to teach my co-pilot, High or Low approach. After my evaluation, my training started.

Early in the course of my schooling, my IP asked me what to do in case you have a short runway, “High or Low Approach?” I said “high approach.” After elaborating and explaining why I choose high approach, my IP said, ‘”NO, you’re wrong!” He pointed out two major reasons. First, you will utilize more runway during landing and second, its too risky. He said that if you approach high, your break-off glide will be higher than normal to safely arrest your rate of descent. As a result, you will consume much runway before you totally level off and eventually land. He further explained that high approach would require low power settings for you to maintain the required approach speed. When you have low power settings, especially at low altitudes, you are at risk to wind such as gusts and/or shear. And if you have wind shear or gusts during your landing, this could probably drop your altitude quickly. If this happens during your break off or level off, your aircraft will surely strike the runway. You’d be lucky if you’ll only have broken landing gears. He pointed out further that in low approach, you have a low angle of attack thus requiring you higher power settings. With this, you can break your glide at a lower altitude providing you lesser level-off-run before touchdown, and upon touchdown, you chop your power. The setting from high to point blank(idle) power will result to an eventual decrease in your airspeed. In short, the sudden loss of power is the main factor to stop your aircraft during low approach.

My IPs explanation was logical enough to many, i guess (especially most pilots in our school believe in that thought). However, I do not agree with them 100%. In spite the fact that I incurred only 100 flying hours as First Pilot, I still believe that High approach is better on shortfield landings. I took this idea from a bird that actually makes its landing. I often observe that a bird approaching high for landing halts almost at their touchdown point compared to a bird that approaches low, which often lead to few more steps. This in fact is same as aircraft. Try to compare the rate of decrease on your airspeed on high approach and low approach. You will notice that speed rapidly decreases on break-off during high approach rather than low approach. This is primarily because in low approach you expose less airfoil while high approach exposes much airfoil leading to greater drag(only during break-off). As a result, your airspeed bleeds faster. This is an advantage in short airfield landing. Since, your aim is to put the aircraft into halt immediately, and you can only do that if you decrease you airspeed, it is but valid to approach high on shortfields since this drops your speed much faster than in low approach. In logic, you will take advantage of your airfoil by using it as your brake. This will give you shorter landing rolls than low approach.

Nonetheless, I will never discredit my IP in his second reason, SAFETY. Even if I explained my side, I always remind myself not to do such approach when wind is high. Such maneuver is only good during calm conditions, unless of course your experienced enough to safely arrest abrupt drops during gusty winds. Again, always bear in mind, “SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT AT ALL TIMES.”

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I live in the Philippines, a country where market of PC is incomparable to MACintosh OS computers or MAC for short. To prove my point, I, in my whole life, have not seen a single Internet Cafe that uses MAC computers. However, PC users flood to almost every corner in our land. (Although I “heard” there are already installations that use MAC comps LATELY)

I don’t have YET a MAC computer. I may not be credible as of the moment to say MAC is better , but still I would highly recommend those who have plans to purchase laptop or desktops, choose MAC! Why? I have searched from the internet and discovered so many advantages in using MAC. But among all the advantages, the best thing I would like to have is its VIRUS free environment.

Virus has been a big hustle to me and for sure to all of you. It has also been the source of many disappointments to all my officemates more especially those who usually cram on deadlines. It also has eaten much of my time like the regular scanning, updating and sometimes reinstalling my system if viruses penetrated the brain of my computer. It is one of the major things I wished could have not existed. And that is reason why MAC smells good to me.

Just this morning, I attended a meeting and one of the presenter was not able to show his slides because he cannot see any document files in his flashdisk. After a scan, several viruses were detected and the anti-virus could not delete some of it. Thus, the meeting turned into a 30-minute waiting conference. Coincidentally, a member of the group has a MAC notebook. The disk was inserted in the USB port using the MAC and wholaaaa, there were 8 suspected viruses such as autorun, recycler, and so on. The viruses where deleted and the flashdisk again was slotted to the PC’s USB port. And amazingly, his document files showed up.

I mentioned that I don’t own a MAC yet, but as soon as I will have enough savings to buy one, I surely will never regret a VIRUS-FREE environment. I just wont get rid of the numerous viruses but also, I can save time and money from regular scans, updates and purchase of Anti-viruses, which are most of the time, overran by newer viruses.

So, MAC versus PC? MAC WINS!

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Pacquiao vs Diaz

Manny Pacquiao versus David Diaz? WHO WOULD YOU BET?

PACQUIAO: This will be my hardest-fought battle. It’s been over three years since I have changed weight divisions and I will be doing it against the lightweight division’s world champion. I saw how he took the fight to Erik Morales in his last title defense and I’m expecting to see the same firepower out of him when we meet. But this is my drive for five. Five world titles in five different weight classes and I will not be denied. I am fighting for history, for destiny and for my people of the Philippines .”

DIAZ: Manny Pacquiao has beaten many great fighters, especially Mexicans like Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Larios and Solis. That’s why they call him “The Mexicutioner,” said Diaz. “I will shock the world and beat Pacquiao at his own game, power for power. He’s a great champion but he’s fighting in my division – lightweight. I have worked too hard for this world title and I will not give it up to him.”

More on http://philboxing.com/news/story-16952.htm

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Quality Time vs Quantity Time

“QUANTITY is QUALITY.” Yes, i do agree that quantity is quality because time is in fact gold.

I was brought by a family with close ties. And I can contest that QUANTITY Time was one of the biggest factors that made us close to one another. I grew up with that in mind.

Now, I have my own family and a work that requires 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Although, there were times when after being away from my loved ones in 2-4 months, i spent time with them in 21 straight days(with pay) , still time is ticking so fast and even a month is not enough. When im out in the field, my wife often complains, and sooner i know my daughter will. In fact, my wife told me that my 2 yr old daughter had been looking for me since i left her more than a month ago. I can feel she misses me so much. She would probably say, “dad, please come home before i will forget your face and AGAIN be scared of you if we meet.”  

But that is how we serve our country, to live life rather QUALITY than QUANTITY. We opted QUALITY time with our wife and children or our loved ones not because we believe on it, but because we have to believe in it. We chose QUALITY but we embrace QUANTITY.

Whether quality or quantity favors me in any instance of my life, still i believe in QUANTITY of time. But, whether my QUANTITY of time is much or less, I will surely spend it with much much and much QUALITY.   

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Globe versus Smart? Who has better service? Who provides better?

I went to a local reloading station early this morning to buy a P100 Autoload. Just before i left the store, the owner said, “basta galing Manila Globe talaga no(most people from Manila are Globe subscribers,right?).” I was amazed because i thought Globe was lately loosing its subrscribers against Smart. Curiously i asked, “Bakit nyo po nasabi? (why dyo say so?).” She said “kasi napapansin ko lang karamihan sa grupo nyo puro Globe ang pinapaload (most from your group buy Globe Autoload).” And then she continued “alam mo ang dami ng lumilipat sa Globe ngayon”(many switched to Globe lately). I was amazed how she came up with that anaylsis and so i asked, “Pano nyo po nalaman? (how did you know)” She then reasoned, ” kasi dati umaabot ako ng P3,000-P5,000 a day sa mga nagpapaload sa Smart pero ngayon malaki n ang P1,000. Tapos ung globe dati P500 lng sa isang araw kung minsan pero ngayon umaabot na ng P2,000″ (I used to sell P3,000-P5,000 from Smart Autoload before but now , i could hardly sell 1,000 a day. And my sales in Globe used to be P500 a day but lately, it averaged at 2,000 a day)” And so i thought, yah that makes sense. That left me thinking Who has better service, Is it Globe or Smart?

I had been a Globe subscriber since i first had a cellphone way back year 2000. I never had any problems with globe until i went to Basilan, Zamboanga with no signal at all. I thought it was just temporary and hoped i’ll have signals after few minutes or hours. But minutes passed, hours consumed, and another day comes, still with no bars indicating signal on my cp. What made it more disappointing was many of my colleagues who were Smart subscribers were able to call their girlfriend/wife.

I was forced to buy a Smart simcard. Since then on, I used that sim to replace my Globe sim. I had it for couple of years and was satisfied with their services. I mean, well i do have signals every place i visited, not to mention the numerous free calls i got from them(by the way, my friend says SMART again has free calls every 2am-5am, im not just sure though if by the time you read this they still have that promo/privileges or should i say technical problems). And so, i could say SMART had been a dear friend to me for quite some time.

Year 2005 at SM Clark, I lost my cellphone. Neccesity as it is, I bought a new cellphone but this time I opted a Globe Simcard. Why? Well, probably those people around me(mostly people i trust) are good adverstisers of Globe and they convinced a consumer like me to switched to Globe(”,).

Its almost 3 years now, and im more satisfied with GLOBE Services compared before. Although i was not able to visit Basilan again to check if they have setup network connections for Globe subscribers, I am so far contented with the signals i get from GLOBE.

Up to now, I could not say who the better network is, SMART or Globe. Both have satisfied my needs and i thank them for giving me the chance to connect with anyone much faster and more efficient. Although its amusing to hear that, my wife, my father-in-law, few of my co-workers planned to switch to Globe because of the numerous ringtones they had been receiving, which they said they did not subscribe yet consumed most of their load, still BIG thanks to Globe and Smart.

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