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I’ll never go versus  I’ll be? (my voice)

They say that music is the language of the soul. That is why maybe all of us sing regardless whether we voiced it out or we keep it only in our minds or in our hearts. I believe that everyone of us has built-in music players and microphones inside us, only, we set our own volumes or we decide if we turn it on or off.

I am a music lover. I may not have Bryan Adams voice nor do I have David Cooks talent, but I have my inert music player turned on 🙂 You can also have yours plugged and turned on. What matters most is that you produce melody. If the endless crying of babies can be called melody, I think we can do better than that 🙂 And besides, practice makes perfect. So, come on join me sing these 2 of my audio clips( I’ll Never Go and I’ll be). Hope I, or we, wont sore anyone’s ears, hehehe!

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World Record vs Rain (Palawan’s Longest Seafood Grill)

Tourist with lolo

Weeks before the attempt of Palawan to break the Longest Seafood Grill Record, everybody was excited. I, for one, wrote it in my calendar and marked it thrice in my cellphone just to make sure i will not forget it. Coordinators said nobody can stop them.

5:00 pm – We started to dress up so we can be there before traffic jams us. However, rain started to pour. We waited for a bit.

5:30 pm – More rain poured so we decided to eat dinner just in case the activity will stretch up to 9pm, that would be too late for dinner.

6:00 pm – We embarked from our haven and jammed a bit from the traffic. We were so excited to be part of this memorable occasion and so we went directly to the site. The Capitol were full of participants but there was no charcoal and fish yet. All we saw were bottles of gasoline and umbrella for shelter.  🙂 We didn’t mind if we’ll get wet with the rain bacause we were just so excited(and we just cant hide it!). But then more rain started to pour .

6:30 pm – We had few bottles of San Mig Light at Centralle Grill Bar(previously Kristins Resto) to seek shelter and waited for the start of the program. Drizzle/Dew/Rain whatever you call it didn’t want to cooperate

6:45 – 7:30 pm – Heavy rain made several participants to give up their participation. Many went home with little children with them. Good thing we were at a good place so we stood on the ground and waited.

7:55 pm – Rain slowly weakened, but the emcee announced the unexpected. “Due to unfavorable weather condition, we’re sorry to announce that the record attempt for Longest Seafood Grill will be postpone to another date. Sponsors may take their share of fish with them” People were disappointed!

8:00 pm – There was no rain at all. We started to roam the site and people started to make fire out from the wet charcoals. Many were liven up when people shouted and cheered as a fire lit up. It seemed people wanted to push the activity or perhaps they were just hungry hehehehe!

9:15pm – As we left the capitol to go home, fireworks started to show up.

Palawans Longest Seafood Grill Records versus Rain? Who reigns?

Palawan somehow lost its bid for its first attempt to break a record in longest seafood grill. Palawan lost its will against Rain. “Sayang! Kung tinuloy nalang sana!” Anyway, even if the record was not attained(for the meantime), I’m still looking forward for the next attempt. I just hope that it will be rain or shine. Or perhaps, coordinators can place tents next time to provide shade or shelter to people, just in case it rains again!

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Grandpa’s Laugh vs Gurl’s Laugh

Grandpa’s Laugh versus Girls Laugh?

As I was surfing the youtube, i came across 2 videos which were veryy funny. Check this out! which is funnier?


GURL’s Entry

Who is funnier? You can comment below.

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Cebu Pacific vs AirPhilippines

I’ll be flying home from Palawan to Manila by the end of this month. Its already been a year since I last took a commercial flight. The last was from Air Philippines which, as I had always expected,  was delayed for few hours. I have had pretty disappointing experiences with AirPhilippines and PAL before when i used to travel locally with these commercial airlines. I can only count in my fingers the times when I flew on time with PAL/Air Phil. In contrast, Cebu Pacific was always on the dot. They only failed me once on my schedule. They were always on time. In fact, I was almost even left behind a flight from Davao to Manila because I was 10 minutes late from departure time. By the way, it was so embarrassing because all eyes were on me as I entered the aircraft, hehehe). Well, who would have thought that all pax were onboard even 15 minutes before the ETD? Anyway, my point is Cebu Pac is I believe very particular with time. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, they once had a commercial ad with “lolo”(old man with walking cane) which implied delayed flights of other airlines.

When I was in Cagayan De Oro, I bought an Air Phil ticket and asked the teller, who happens to be my friend, “why are AirPhil/PAL known for delayed flights.” She smiled and said “Yes, that’s how we care for our passengers?” I said, “HA?” Haluur?” She then explained that the main reason PAL/AirPhil delay its flight is because they always make sure that the aircraft is always in good condition. If pilots, crew and technicians noticed any minute deficiency, they will not fly the aircraft until it is fixed. That’s how they trade time with safety. I sighed for a moment and immediately paid my ticket. Was it true? or was it just a classic example of  loyalty to company? Does she mean Cebu Pac is less secure because they are on time?  What do you think?

Cebu Pacific versus Air Philippines? To whom will you fly?

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Sun Cellular versus Touch Mobile Services? Who’s the crowds choice?

Somebody suggested to me(seen in comments for SMART vs GLOBE) to compare SUN and TM. I wanted to compare it but i’m not a TM nor a SUN subscriber. Hope you can help me and or others know which one is better, SUN or TM? What services offered by SUN and TM?

Hope you will share your experience/s on either network. Just click on Comments below this article.

Thank you very much!

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